Why Canada IS Worth SAVING

The Canadian Action Party sponsored the “Why Canada is Worth Saving” Essay Contest, which was launched in March 2000. CAP intended to make an all-out effort to raise awareness of issues facing Canada and to encourage public debate concerning the consequences of annexation by the United States, for Canadians of all ages. The contest stimulated citizens to answer some crucial questions: Why should Canada continue to exist? and What is there about Canada that is worth preserving.

Hundreds of Canadians, ages 12-82, submitted 800-word essays. Entries were divided into three categories: (a) Grades 7-12, (b) university and college undergraduates, (c) adults and seniors). The essays were screened by high-school teachers and the final selection was made by a distinguished panel of judges.

The top nine winners were announced in September 2000, and major prizes included 4-year college and university scholarships, executive-class travel and paid vacation to anywhere in Canada, CD-ROM of the Canadian Encyclopedia, and more than 100 runners-up were given prizes for recognition of their efforts.